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SZ-N trade ltd. was established in 1999, for manufacture and trade of modern plastic products. our products can be found almost everywhere in our life. Main users are cosmetical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

We make cases flacons, plastic cans with a guarantee lock or spiral to a capacity of 2000 millilitres.

Our firm has an ISo9001 qualification since 2008. our professionals are on constant manufacture development and open for using new and efficient methods.

The products shown in this catalogue are made according to our customers’ demands, out of materials suitable for storing medicine and can be ordered in various colours. they are packed either in plastic bags or in cartons with a protecting foil.

In case of a proper amount of order we undertake the design of special flacons and cases and we also can supply you with lockers fitting our products.

Please select from our products or order the ones you are already using.

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